Rotating Brush Type Powder Aerosol Generator

Collison Liquid Nebulizer

The CSM - SCSM (Manual - Cigarette Smoking Machine) was designed specifically for the analytical and toxicological study of tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapor. The CSM-SCSM uses a valve-free rotary piston technology to deliver an exact, repeatable puff profile. Its robust design allows for standard preprogrammed regimens, such as FTC, ISO 3308, and CIR, to be easily implemented.

User defined protocols are easily created by the touch of a button, allowing users full control of parameters such as, the puff length, draw rate, and idle burn time. Cigarettes are loaded and removed manually and lit with a typical butane igniter. The CSM-SCSM uses standard cigarette holders with labyrinth seals allowing a variety of cigarette shapes and sizes to be studied.

Palas’ line of solid particle generators has been used worldwide in a variety of fields of endeavor. This product line includes Rotating Brush Generators series (RBGs) and Belt Generator series (BEGs).


In an RBG, the powder to be dispersed is filled into a cylindrical powder reservoir and compressed uniformly along the filling height by a tamper. The powder column is pushed up against a rotating brush at an exactly controlled feed rate. An adjustable volume air flow streams over the tightly woven precision brush and lifts the particles off the brush. The particles are then deagglomerated by a high velocity air jet. RBGs are ideally suited for low to medium mass output requirements.

The BEGs use a conveyer belt to feed loose powder to a rotating brush. The powder to be dispersed is simply poured into the BEG reservoir. A stirrer at the bottom of the reservoir ensures constant loading of the conveyor belt. The desired mass flows can be adjusted continuously and reproducibly with a regulated drive of the conveyor belt. The BEGs are specifically design for applications that require medium to high mass outputs and continuous operation.

Cigarette Smoking Machine


The Collison Nebulizer offered by us was developed by BGI, Waltham, MA, now part of Mesa Labs, based on the original designs of the nebulizer that go back more than 50 years. The Collison Nebulizer, manufactured by Mesa Labs, has long been the recognized technique for the aerosolization of various liquids in a wide array of applications.

Suitable for use with precious liquids, these units are modified to use multiple jets (up to 24) which can be plugged by screws, to selectively control aerosol. The unit may be purchased in horizontal or vertical discharge models. Flange type connectors are standard, which allows attachment to extension tubes, vortex diluters, isokinetic sampling blocks and other innovative generation systems.