Standard Control Unit LabFlow P-II

Negative Pressure Control Unit LabFlow VII

Basic Control Panel C II

CH Technologies’ Labflow C II provides for management of the primary control system functions in a one-stop, highly cost effective manner. These core function controls include an aerosol generator inlet line and regulator, a dilution line, and a sampling line.

CH will pre-configure the parameters of the Labflow C II to suit your specific needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff and engineers stand ready to optimize this system for you.

This system is best suited for small scale cigarette smoke exposure studies.

CH Technologies' Labflow P II is the standard control unit for the CH Technologies' inhalation exposure systems designed to run under positive pressure. The Labflow P II controls the pressure of the compressed air supply to the system, the air flow of all system air supply lines, and the three sampling lines used to run various sampling devices.  This functionality allows for accurate control of aerosol concentration, chamber pressure, and humidity.

All control and measuring instruments are mounted on the front panel of the Labflow P II's lightweight aluminum case. All connectors for the system lines are located on the rear panel of the case. All connectors are the push-to-connect type that allow for simple and easy plumbing of the control unit with the system.

While positive pressure systems are preferred for chemical products testing and smoke exposure, they are not advised for use in the world of infectious disease and highly toxic agent testing. Infectious disease testing demands a sealed high containment system. The sealed system needs to be run under negative pressure. For this type of system, CH Technologies has focused its expertise to create the Labflow VII. This unit will monitor, control, and maintain the necessary safety measures to ensure that operators are kept safe and the environment remains contaminant free.

The Labflow VII uses integrated mass flow controllers in conjunction with air inlet and sampling lines to maintain a preset pressure in the chamber, it also provides the researcher with functionality that allows for easy sampling and control of their systems.