Installation & Commissioning

The first step in setting up an Inhalation Exposure Facility is planning and design. Most organisations use in-house design team or third party designers but face problems in later stages as the designers have very less knowledge about practical aspects of exposure facilities. This calls for remodelling and cost additions at later stages.

INDITOX is you perfect partner to overcome the above situation. We provide professional designing services at planning stage so that your facility is equipped with everything required to run successful inhalation experiments.

All our equipment come with on-site installation and commissioning. Our technical experts have decades of experience in setting up complete lab and ensure that you get a facility which runs without trouble for years.

You can simply leave the entire commissioning part in the safe hands our professional installation team and we will hand over a fully functional setup to you as per requirements within time period specified by you.


Inhalation Exposure products, research procedures, and efficient practices can be sophisticated and complex. Upon installation of a device or system, INDITOX will ensure that the end user is thoroughly and properly trained using the best methods available. We make sure that each customer understands how the equipment works and what it is capable of doing.

At INDITOX you not only get the best equipment, but with our training and continuing education, you get the best of you.

After sale support is USP of INDITOX. We understand that no system is worth without a professional after sales support. We are committed to highest standards in after sales services and many highly satisfied users across India is a proof of the same.
We provide annual maintenance, technical support and application development services to our clients.

INDITOX provides complete set of GLP documents including the installation, operation and performance qualification documents.

Also, we provide standard SOP’s for the system and work with your team in preparation of SOP’s as per your quality standards.

Facility Planning & Design 

GLP Documentation

Turnkey Inhalation Equipment

We provide world class exposure equipment in partnership with M/S C H Technologies, USA. Our turnkey solutions are fully modular and tailored to your need. Also, we take ample care that system is capable of a quick and easy future up gradation.

Our system includes a variety of aerosol generators, sampling devices and can accommodate large or small test groups as per your application. We have vast expertise in providing turnkey systems for inhalation exposure labs and our equipment partners M/S C H Technologies manufactures gold standard inhalation devices.

After Sales Support