INDITOX offers the WELAS and Promo families of products manufactured by Palas. They are widely used in filter testing and other applications. Both the WELAS and Promo utilize the proprietary technologies that distinguish Palas spectrometers as the preferred choice.

Our goal is to provide the most efficient test article inhalation exposure system with the lowest dead space. In a pursuit that never ends, we raise the bar faced in creating the next advancement.
From precious pharmaceuticals to larger scale agrochemicals, and the microbiological systems in between, our Inhalation Exposure Systems offer cost effective and easy to operate exposure technologies.

A process or procedure is only as good as the technology that controls it.
We supply standardized process control technology designed to optimize our inhalation and filter testing systems in a cost efficient way.

INDITOX offers a comprehensive array of Test Article Generation devices for liquids, dry powders, cigarette smoke, VOC vapors, and nanoparticles. Whether your application involves the testing of common consumer products, toxic chemicals, or infectious agents; our line of aerosol generators provides superior solutions supported by the ingenious, innovative, and dedicated technical staff.

INDITOX now offers the cutting edge family of FIDAS environmental monitoring instruments. The advanced FIDAS Series conforms to all guidelines set forth in EU standards. It is presently advancing through the multiyear EPA testing protocol and is on its way to acceptance by the EPA in the United States as well.