Environmental Monitoring

Aerobiology & Biodefense

We are industry leader in providing high performance inhalation exposure systems for bioaerosol exposure; including bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. Our bioaerosol exposure systems are built with high quality, temperature and chemical resistant materials which, combined with redundant safety features, make our systems appropriate for biocontainment conditions and resilient to frequent and harsh decontamination cycles.

Chemical Products Testing

We offer cutting edge equipment capable of capturing precise snapshots of hazardous ambient factors as described in the Clean Air Act, equivalent EU directives, and WHO guidelines, which in turn drive public health policy.

Work areas with airborne particulates, and/or dust generation, are the types of environments which, when present in a facility, often call for effective environmental monitoring. We provide an array of devices designed to assist in assessing the existing safety measures and their effectiveness.

We offer advanced solutions for safe and reliable testing of liquid, or powder, formulations of household chemicals, pesticides, volatile compounds, and other chemical products in compliance with US EPA or OECD guidelines. Our inhalation exposure systems are successfully used by major CROs and testing laboratories all across the globe.   

We offer a broad array of filter testing equipment and solutions ideally suited for precise testing according to national and world standards such as ASHRAE 52.2, HEPA, and ISO 5011.

Our systems are used to create disease models as well as test treatments. We offer the scalability to go from a few animals to hundreds, and from low test atmosphere concentrations up to the levels required by OECD and EPA for acute inhalation toxicity testing.

Our fully equipped lines of in vivo exposure systems, generation devices, and control and monitoring systems provide exceptional solutions to your testing needs.

Cigarette Testing

Our cigarette smoke generation machines and cigarette smoke exposure systems are widely used by tobacco companies, drug companies and universities to study, in depth, toxic effects of cigarette smoke or to create appropriate disease models for drug discovery. Our automatic rotary smoking machine is the only model in the market that is capable of sequentially smoking up to 30 cigarettes simultaneously.

Filter Testing

Drug Development